Men’s Basketball


Agent representation for student athletes during the draft process

  • College basketball players may be represented by an agent at the conclusion of a basketball season provided they request an evaluation from the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee and are scheduled for an evaluation.

Agent agreements

All agreements between agents and college student-athletes must be:

  • A written contract between student-athlete over 18 or minor’s guardian(s) and a certified agent
  • Disclosed to the institution
  • Terminated before the student returns to college (agreement provided to NC State must include Exhibit C from the NBPA)
  • College student-athletes are not required to compensate an NCAA-certified agent for his or her services.

Agent certification

To work with a college athlete, agents must be certified by the NCAA (NBPA-certified agents are considered NCAA-certified in 2019).

Family members of the college athlete or those who act solely on behalf of a professional sports team are not required to be certified.

Agents can pay for expenses

Expenses After Agreement

  • Men’s Basketball college student-athletes (and their families) can have meals, transportation and lodging paid for by an agent if those expenses are associated with meetings with the agent or a pro team.
  • The student cannot miss class.

2019 NCAA Documents

Before contacting any NC State Student-Athlete, agents must register with North Carolina State University by following this <link>.