Athletes and Parents

The Professional Sports Counseling Panel wants NC State’s student-athletes and their families to be as informed as possible when making future career decisions pertaining to becoming a professional athlete. Please click on any sport in the sidebar to explore information about professional organizations, rules, drafts, how to tryout, history, news, and sport specific FAQs.  We understand that sports and their rules are ever changing and the Panel is here to answer questions and provide guidance.

Athletic Career Education

The Professional Sports Counseling Panel offers sessions for student-athletes and their families to educate them about the NCAA rules and making informed decisions as they apply

Consultation Services

The Sports Panel members talk confidentially with student-athletes and their families and provide independent advice and support concerning a future professional career decisions. They are not affiliated with any agent, team, or organization, consistent with NCAA rules.


Panel members and guest presenters speak with student-athletes and family members about sports related topics, issues on and off the field, and career choices.  Presenters are recruited from across several fields and each brings his or her own brand of expertise and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There is an huge amount of information available to student-athletes and their parents regarding the “DOs” and “DON’Ts” of maintaining amateur status while in college and even more information regarding transitioning into the professional arena.  The Panel understands that all that information can be overwhelming.  This list of FAQs is compiled to help navigate some of the information.  As always, the Panel is available to answer any specific questions or concerns.

Estimated Probability of Competing in College and Professional Athletics

The NCAA has conducted research on 2013-2014 athletics and collated this information into two tables to illustrate the estimated probability of competing in college and professional athletics for 2015-2016 season.

Competing to Get a Job

“Leaders on the field develop into leaders in their fields.  Team captains become captains of industry.  Here’s how to use the skills gained through athletics to launch the right career.”

Student-Athlete Enhancement and Leadership

The Student Athlete Enhancement and Leadership office at NC State focuses on the total development of student-athletes by providing them with comprehensive life skills support. The mission of Student Athlete Enhancement and Leadership is to provide services to student-athletes that enhance their personal growth through leadership development, career programming, and community engagement.