Education, Consultation, Evaluation

The Professional Sports Counseling Panel provides opportunities for student-athletes and their families to enhance their understanding of NCAA rules, and to enable them to make informed decisions regarding agents, runners, financial planners, and disability providers.  The Panel offers both group presentations and private consultations with student-athletes and their families.   Please contact the Panel for more information.


  • Understanding NCAA bylaws in order to maintain amateur status and athletic eligibility
  • Understanding NCAA Rules regarding agents
  • Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of a professional sports career
  • Explaining the necessary steps and potential pitfalls to become a professional athlete
  • Understanding the terms of agent and other professional contracts
  • Negotiating with agents; see Sample Questions to Ask Potential Agents
  • Enhancing financial management knowledge and skills
  • Using professional financial planners
  • Purchasing athlete disability insurance
  • Developing and honing interviewing strategies and techniques



  • Evaluating potential professional sports career opportunities and likely market value
  • Evaluating professional leagues and teams
  • Evaluating athlete disability insurance plans and providers
  • Evaluating potential sports career alternatives



  • Offering independent advice and support regarding a career as a professional athlete
  • Evaluating potential market value
  • Explaining and assisting with the player evaluation process
  • Assisting in securing sponsorship or team tryouts
  • Evaluating and selecting a sports agent and/or financial advisor
  • Assisting and facilitating agent contract negotiations