Panel Members

Dewayne WashingtonDewayne Washington
is no stranger to taking on big jobs and delivering with excellence.  Prior to becoming CEO and managing partner of D. Washington Group, LLC in 2010, Dewayne spent 12 years competing at the highest level on the largest national stage as an award-winning player in the National Football League.   Now he brings the same inspiring leadership, relentless work ethic, and uncompromising commitment to excellence to his clients.  As a member of the Professional Sports Counseling Panel, Washington provides practical experience and guidance to NC State’s athletes interested in pursuing a career in professional sports.


54360862bc5d0.imageChasity Melvin is a former WNBA All Star and NC State Hall of Famer with over 14 years of experience coaches individuals in how important confidence, balance and positivity are to being successful and staying successful in your career, post career and life in general. The insight she has gained throughout her life translates easily into the lessons she uses to help other athletes and those stagnant, in transition or approaching change in need of overcoming fear.




3Dereck Whittenburg is most famously known for being one of the two guards that led NC State’s men’s basketball team to the 1983 national championship.  Whittenburg is currently Associate Athletic Director for Community Relations and Student Support and has over 25 years of coaching experience.  He is integrally tied to the heart of NC State athletes and enjoys meeting with and speaking to any athlete on campus looking for advice.  He knows first hand what it takes to be the best and how to overcome adversity.




2010June_Hoon_Robert_1982Robert Hoon is Chair of the Panel and coordinates efforts between the Panel, the University, and the athletic department to assist current athletes with important career decisions.  He also provides legal guidance to athletes in the way of reviewing contracts and coordinating contact between agents and players.





imgresMark Walker, Ph.D. joined the faculty of NC State in 2001 after receiving his Ph.D. in finance from Purdue University. His current research focuses on corporate governance and corporate financial policies.  Professor Walker teaches international finance to undergraduates and the MBA programs. Professor Walker acts as a financial adviser to NC State Athletes on the Professional Sports Counseling Panel. Specifically, provides guidance regarding making smart decisions and reviews financial contracts for athletes.