Archived Presentations

The Sports Counseling Panel does not have any archived presentations at this time.  If you have a topic of interest, please contact the panel at

Call for Presenters

The Professional Sports Counseling Panel is currently looking for individuals to present to our student-athletes and family members on various topics.  Presenters can be from any profession including but not limited to:

  • Current or former professional athletes
  • Former Olympians
  • Business owners
  • Financial advisors
  • Life coaches
  • Teachers
  • Scientists
  • Civic leaders
  • Media representatives

These presentations are purely for the benefit of NC State’s student-athletes. Presenters are not allow to influence any student-athlete in the form of future career choices, but are rather a resources for the student-athletes in order to make more informed decisions. Additional limitations may exist.

The Panel is of the belief that everyone has wisdom to impart.  If you are interested in becoming a presenter, please contact the Panel at with your contact information and presentation topic.